A gate latch

Today I've been to buy a gate latch. The latch was broken when I arrived I sourced a more robust replacement which one of the congregation fitted beautifully on. Now that one has broken too. Like so many things one tries, at first they might not succeed - so I have a new latch, one... Continue Reading →


A return to blogging?

It has been a long time since I've blogged. I've finished training, been ordained and completed a curacy and been given Charge of my own parish and church. Ok so it's not mine, at least not just mine - that is something I feel quite strongly about. It is God's church and belongs to the... Continue Reading →

Days 4 and 5 of live #belowtheline

So, I've now done my 5 days of Living Below the Line. The last couple of days gave me plenty of opportunity for conversations and reflection. Throughout days 4 and 5 I felt hungry like I hadn't previously. Even though I had large plates of rice, and lots of frozen vegetables, it wasn't filing me... Continue Reading →

Days 2 and 3 of Live #belowtheline

I'm now 60% through the challenge to live below the extreme poverty line. The process has led to some fascinating conversations. People have been reflecting back to me about how it's made them think about how valuable food is to us, after all, we cannot do without it. I've been astonished by the quantities that... Continue Reading →

Day 1 of Live Below the Line

Sunday night I sat down to figure out what I would make for lunch, to take in. I quickly realised any such planning would require planning the whole week. So in came the spreadsheet, I can now tell you exactly what I plan to eat each day, but I won't - that would kill the... Continue Reading →

Shopping for Live Below the Line

So I've now been shopping. I ended up in ASDA which is known for cheap prices, but I was amazed how many things (e.g. 1kg of value rice or 500g of porridge or frozen vegetables) were near identical prices at all the main supermarkets I looked at. As I said before, I had budgeted 50... Continue Reading →

Planning shopping

I have tried to do a bit of planning of what I will eat next week when I'm doing the Live Below the Line challenge. Live Below the Line has lots of suggestions and links. One of their big recommendations (which I've ignored) is not to do it alone. This is because while seasonings (salt,... Continue Reading →

72 hours of sourdough starter

Now that's an exciting title. A few hours after feeding the starter yesterday I discovered that it was expanding quickly towards the lid, so I opened it, so that if it continued to grow there wouldn't be any risk of it deflating. Shortly after that it deflated again and, this morning there was some separation,... Continue Reading →

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